You Can Totally Sit With Us Framed Sign

I feel like we all have felt like Regina George in Mean Girls when the, “You can’t sit with us” line is tossed out.  It hurts real bad.  In a world where the comparison game hits us strong because of the lives we see portrayed on social media, it’s time that we just stop.  Let’s stop competing and start cheering. It’s time we stop the judgement and pour out grace.  It’s time we celebrate, support, and encourage each other without stifling our own joy.

Beautiful things can  happen within us when we begin to include one another for our own uniqueness, for the way that God made us to be, when we start supporting and building a community together over competition, and when we allow everyone to “totally sit with us.”

What an inviting and encouraging statement piece this sign is! It fits perfectly on your mantle or hung on your wall and can be found here.


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