Welcome To My Home Wood Sign

Before I got into sign making, I spent a couple years in a career I was (and still am) passionate about…real estate.  And even before I became a licensed realtor, I spent nearly 5 years in mortgage.  This is where my passion for real estate began, truly.  I loved helping people acquire a (sometimes daunting) mortgage for the home of their dreams, but I truly wanted to be on the other side of the transaction.  So in 2014, I left my full time job and acquired my real estate license in the state of Minnesota and began practicing.  I was floored with how challenging yet thrilling this career change was, but what I loved even more was the independence I learned from parting ways with reporting to a “boss” and becoming my own boss.

Shortly after becoming licensed, Scott and I got pregnant with our son, Micah.  I knew deep down in my heart that I wanted to stay home with my children, and honestly, with how demanding real estate is, I couldn’t see myself giving up my want for being home with my kids.  I maintained my license for a few years, and still helped many people make their dreams a reality by finding them a home.  But in the middle of all of this is where Willow + Timber began, and my passion for helping people turn their dreams into a reality changed from home ownership to design.

I still love everything about real estate, and I tell myself that I will catch up on my CE one day, once the kids are in school, so I can get back into this career field.  But I also love making people’s houses feel like a home.  I love designing signs to fill the walls with truth, love and beauty.  I love making that bare space warm and friendly.  I love gifting those who just made a huge life decision to buy, or have been in their home for years and are still working towards filling those walls with art.

It doesn’t need to be large or extravagant, although these types of signs can be made, it can be as simple as a sweet little “Welcome” sign that sits on a bookshelf or countertop.  If you are a realtor, know one, or just have friends/family who have made the decision to buy, why not bless them with a simple, charming gift to warm their home too!


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