The {New} Journey Begins

The {New} Journey Begins

New beginnings, what about them is so terrifying and exciting all at the same time? There’s a sense of new-ness, something fresh, something inspiring about a them that gives us the thrill of wondering where this new journey will take us.

But really, our beginning isn’t so new. We began this journey of handmade wall decor in January 2015, and the demand for our work quickly became high so we came up with a business name (or so we thought) even quicker to allow for people to find us. Since then, we have been abundantly blessed with countless orders of handmade signs and furniture, but one thing that really didn’t feel right was our name. What was “SMS Designs”? What did it stand for? Ultimately, after taking 9 months off of work, starting in October 2017, we decided that this name didn’t suit us anymore. And so the terrible break up began. You know, the one where you play those sappy love songs over and over again, where you just veg on the couch, looking through old pictures to remind you of the “good ol’ days”.. just kidding. My husband Scott (the woodworker) and I were really extremely thrilled about this change.

It all began a few weeks before we re-opened our doors for business. I happened to be scrolling through Facebook in the evening after the kids went down for the night, and landed on a post in my local community page sight from a sweet lady, Molly, who was marketing her Social Media Management business, suggesting to help local business owners with a simple audit on their sights. During our phone call that evening, we discussed our old business name, and minutes after getting off that call, Scott and I spent the remainder of our evening coming up with a new business name.

So with that, we’d like to re-introduce you to Willow + Timber. We are a husband and wife team who specializes in handmade wooden signs and furniture. Our business is a true gift from the Lord and we praise Him daily for providing this opportunity for us. We look forward to seeing where this journey continues to take us, and remember, we may have a different name now, but our quality of work remains the same.